Waldorf Residence

This is the Waldorf residence. It is known for its extravagant decor. Everything in Blair’s home seems so put together and over the top…much like Blair herself. It plays a pretty significant role in the show. It’s the center of Blair’s life and many key scenes happen here.

For example during the Thanksgiving episode of season one titled “Blair Waldorf Must Pie!” we learn a lot about the characters and the apartment. We learn that Blair has been fighting the urge to turn back to her bulimic tendencies as she hides from her problems in the bathroom.

It is a common theme that whenever Blair is upset she goes to her room to hide from her problems. She closes people out when it gets tough.

Another important scene of season one is the episode titled “Dare Devil” as Blair has a slumber party and she plays her famous truth or dare again. Jenny Humphrey is invited and it becomes a turning point for her as a figure of the Upper East Side. She might be from Brooklyn but she proves herself as a “minion” of Blair that night.

Throughout the entire series, Blair’s home has been a home base for her and her friends. Many holidays, birthdays, and drama has unfolded here.



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