Humphrey Loft


This is the Humphrey residence. It’s located in Brooklyn. It is quite different than where everyone else lives. It’s a smaller apartment (Jenny and Dan’s room is only separated by a moving wall) but it works for Jenny, Dan and Rufus. The decorations are more bohemian and are usually created from normal household items like jars and vinyl records. Jenny and Dan have to take a train and a bus to school because they aren’t as close as other students or as wealthy as the other students.

Brooklyn isn’t as nice as living on the Upper East Side–both in quality and reputation. However it works for the Humphreys and even fits in with Dan’s attitude as witty and creative. Many of the other characters complain when they have to go to Brooklyn because it is “too far” from the Upper East Side.

Overall whenever the show enters the Humphrey Loft or Brooklyn in general it is much more low key and not as extravagant as other people’s homes.

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