Family Tree

There are always new relationships forming and dissolving on Gossip Girl that it can be hard to keep up with! Use this family tree to remind you of the lovers that are, were, and will never be.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 6.16.13 PM

Green Line: Current Romantic Relationships
Red Line: Past Romantic Relationships
Black Line: Familiar Relationships Based on Blood
Blue Line: Familiar Relationships Based on Adoption

Gossip Girl is driven by a few key relationships that progress over the course of the show. The most central and import relationships seem to be Dan-Serena, Blair-Chuck, and Lily-Rufus. These are the romantic relationships that seem to keep weaving themselves through plots, even when the characters aren’t together. We often see these characters coming back to each other after periods of time and arguing over the same thing that has always been a problem. For Serena and Dan, they occupy and live in separate worlds and find it hard to adapt to the others’ lifestyle. For Blair and Chuck, it is a question of when Chuck will be ready to accept Blair’s love. He constantly goes back and forth, contemplating whether or not he will be living up to his father’s name. Lily and Rufus’s relationship problems lie depend on the relationship of Serena and Dan. If there children were to date, it could lead to an uncomfortable family dynamic if either were to break it off. Also, Lily is married to Bart, and although he just died, she faces a moral dilemma about moving on so fast.

The other romantic relationships seem to be filler and simply occur to stir the pot among the group of Upper East Siders. Although the prospects of Nate and Vanessa seemed fruitful at one point, it is doubtful if they will fall into the pattern that the above relationships have. Flings between characters have also been noted, including the brief Jenny-Nate fling as well as the Serena-Nate fling.

Maybe the recurring theme of this post is that Nate is just a man whore? I think so.

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