Vanessa Abrams

Hey guys, I’m Vanessa Abrams, an artist and aspiring filmmaker, trying to adjust to life back in the city with much wealthier peers.

I grew up with Dan and left for Vermont after he confessed his feelings for me. I returned to New York, hoping for a relationship, but to my surprise he had already started dating Serena. There was some tension between me and the couple at first. After I stop daydreaming over him, I start talking with Nate Archibald, who gets me to actually take the SATs. We start liking each other and dating. Our “relationship” is even more complicated!

I don’t seem to have many friends in my court. That’s fine with me, since I’m not too particular of the pompous Manhattan elite who surround me. Also, because my camera always seems to catch those like Blair, Chuck, and Nate’s summer fling Catherine in the middle of their dirty little secrets. Their actions don’t make me too trusting of them, but I have conspired with Chuck, along with other things…

However, I’m the go-to-girl as far as advice. I love helping out the Humphreys, and I’ve constantly given advice to Jenny and even Mr. Humphrey. I am also very protective of Dan, and I’m not afraid to tell him or those who I think aren’t genuine with him.

With all of the drama that has happened, I’m looking forward to NYU and a summer in Europe!

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