Serena Van Der Woodsen

Hey world. Welcome to the Upper East Side. Serena Van Der Woodsen, here. I’m back and full of secrets.

I seemed to shock everyone when I arrive after mysteriously leaving for boarding school. I left to get away from all the trouble I had gotten myself into: partying, drinking, drugs, sleeping with my best friend’s boyfriend, and a shocking secret (I’ll explain later). I came back after my brother Eric’s suicide attempt and in hopes of starting on the right foot back in Manhattan.

I didn’t realize how complicated things would get. First I had patch up my relationship with Blair. We have our up and downs, and especially after my one night stand with her beau, Nate. Along with the fact she thinks I’m constantly after her Queen Bee status, things are kind of rocky. Sometimes we’re like BFFs and other times we have our fights, but at the end of it all she’s always there for me (whether I like it or not). Me and my mom haven’t been getting along. She doesn’t have me or Eric’s interests at heart. She just cares about showing off. And I don’t even care about what people think of me..or my family and friends. Also, I have to adjust to my life as Chuck Bass step-sister (ew) when my mom gets married to his dad.  Even though Chuck is a pain, he doesn’t help me out when an old “friend” returns to NY in efforts to blackmail me.

As far as relationships, Nate is definitely a thing of the past even though I pretended to date him over the summer. I met Dan Humphrey once I returned to the U.E.S. and we started dating. His lifestyle and personality was different from what I am used to, and I liked that. I really loved him, but my past and our lifestyles caused us to break up, then make up, then break up again. I end up dating other guys, but I still have feelings for him.

As for Gossip Girl? Ugh, she’s constantly prying into my life and humiliating me. I wish I could find out who she is, but I’m sure if I’ll ever know. Right now, she’s the least of my concerns. 

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