Rufus Humphrey

Never been one to blog, song writing is more my style. But hey, I’ll give this a try.

So my story starts out beautifully. I was married to a beautiful woman, I have two beautiful children, everything was perfect. Until she up and left our family. For a while, I was hopeful that she’d come back and bring our family back together. That vision was short-lived and I began to realize the woman that truly made me happy: Lily.

Is it morally just for me, as a father, to pursue Lily given my son’s relationship? I’m not sure. Dan and Jenny have been going through a lot and I’m struggling with how to raise them properly. Jenny is resisting me, and I only want what’s best for her.

I only want what’s best for our family. I think that could be Lily. But should I stand in the way of Dan and Serena’s relationship?

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