Blair Waldorf

I already have a few minions, but what is life without a loyal band of followers?

Hello devoted readers, I am both honored and proud that you have the decency and good taste to visit my page.

Of course, you all want to know everything about me. And I would like to preface my formal exposé by saying to never trust Gossip Girl. That conniving little whore. But don’t expect to learn my deepest, darkest secrets. Those are reserved to my love, Chuck Bass. You get to know what I think you deserve to know.

You might recognize me as the daughter of fashion mogul Eleanor Waldorf–her work is selling at Bendel’s now! (I’m doubtful that you could even afford Bendel’s , but just an update.) My father left us for another man and while I think it is extremely hip to have a gay father, I miss his Thanksgiving cooking every year.

My relationship drama is a thing of the past, now that Chuck and I are happy together.It took some time, and tears, but just 8 letters later, here we are! I’d like to put Nate in the past, and I suppose I’ve forgiven Serena for their affair.  Regardless it still hurts considering all of the competition that we’ve been through. I cannot believe she thought she could out-scheme me for Yale! As long as neither of us are going there, I guess it’s fine.

But on the topic of college, I cannot believe I will be attending NYU. Some of you hipster-weird-wannabees might get a look at me across the street, but please, no photographs. Still a bit bitter over losing Yale but I love that Chuck and I can continue scheming and sleeping in our home.


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