Daniel Humphrey

It’s me. Lonely boy. Also known as: Daniel Humphrey. The friendless outcast at St. Jude’s  that you most likely hadn’t noticed until I began dating Serena Van Der Woodsen.

I expect that you all comprehend that I have a real life. A life that is separate from the public attention that I receive. I may not be as presumptuous and wealthy as you, but I have something that you don’t. I’m not an Upper East Sider, but I have much more personality than any of you.

I thought Serena was the love of my life until I realized the kind of person that she really is. I fell for a fraud in disguise named Georgina, which you have probably heard of. Although I tried to rekindle my relationship with Serena, I realized it was over, for good.

My remedy for getting over Serena lied in the company of other women during the summer but seeing her in the Hamptons made me realize how much I love her. Back and forth we go, constantly fighting and getting back together. It seems to break me at times but I know what I want.

Serena. She’s everything I’ve ever wanted from the moment I met her.

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