Lily Van Der Woodsen

My name is Lily Van Der Woodson. I was raised by my mother CeCe and I grew up fighting my mother and what she represented. But I stuck through it all, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I went through a rebellious stage. I ran away from my parents and learned how hard it would be to live out on my own. I learned my lesson and i now know that I chose the right life. I might look like a seasoned professional in the Upper East Side but it took some change and a lot of stepping on people to get to where I am now.

Now I am a mother, trying to protect my children from all of the horrors of growing up in the affluent lifestyle of NYC. My kids aren’t my biggest fans but they don’t understand what it’s like to be spoken about. And if I can protect them from the challenges I faced staying in this world, I will, at any costs.

My son Eric has been out hiding in rehab for an attempted suicide. I can’t actually tell people where he is. The Upper East Side is all about secrets…and if the other families knew about Eric I wouldn’t be able to maintain my positions on the charity boards I am on.

My daughter Serena is another story. She is almost as bad as I was at that age. I rebelled as much as she has. She doesn’t understand that everything I do is protect her. I wish I could get through to her.

To some I appear as if I don’t love my children, but I do. Everything I do is to protect them from the gossip.

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