Jennifer Humphrey

I went from this…

to this.

Jenny Humphrey. I tried everything to fit in and when that didn’t work… I tried everything to take over. Blair made me feel like I was “in”. She invited me into her home, let me wear her clothes and I thought we were friends. I ran her crazy errands, jailbroke Eric against my own will and broke into her mother’s store among other things. Turns out, I was wrong about our friendship. Now, I’m doing everything I can possible to take her down. I’ve tried countless times to sabotage her, but she is just too powerful and her ‘friends’ are too invested in her. And while my ‘Little J’ personality tries to break the “cycle of the beast” by bringing in the hottest piece of Gossip to the public, Gossip Girl beats me to it. “I don’t want to be queen, I just wanted a chance to have a life at school”. But Blair gives me great advice, “You have to be cold to be queen” and well, I’m not that cold. I have a heart and at times. Either way, Blair crowns me Queen and while the girls are not too happy about it, I do make a pretty great change, if I say so myself. And that is how I became “The It Girl’. All that I can say for myself is…

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