Eric Van Der Woodsen

I’m Eric Van Der Woodsen, but most people know me as the younger brother of the elusive Serena Van Der Woodsen.

I was held at the Ostroff Treatment Center for an attempted suicide by my mom, even when doctors told her that I did not need to. She was unable to accept my mistake and basically hid me in there, while she told her friends that I was staying with some family in Florida. I guess that’s not really surprising if you know my mother at all.

When Serena came back to New York, many people did not realize why and rumors spread. Luckily, none of them included me. Whatever anyone may say, I believe that she came back for me.

I became good friends with Jenny Humphrey ever since Serena started dating Dan and she has been a great support system to me since my coming out as gay. Although Serena accepted that revelation without any judgment, my mom however did not. Again, not surprised. My biggest hope is that she can come to terms with who I am and we can move on as a family.

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