Who is Gossip Girl?

You know you love her, but do you know who she is?

Gossip Girl has morphed into a faceless character on the television show, and though we don’t know who she is, she seems to embody a personality all her own. Gossip Girl acts as a puppeteer in the lives of the characters, knowing things before the characters know themselves and often causing turmoil. Sometimes Gossip Girl uses her power for good, acting as a sort of Deus ex Machina to solve a problem.

This makes me wonder if the identity of Gossip Girl is even necessary to know in order to watch the show. She seems to have a designated power to intervene without needing permission. She is also not responsible to characters. She is untouchable, omnipresent, and ambiguous.

With all of this being said, however, it doesn’t hurt to weigh the prospects of who the infamous blogger could be.

Serena: Could Gossip Girl be the it-girl herself? Serena did gain her reputation from the photograph of her in the white dress on Gossip Girl. Could it have been a set up to establish her celebrity-like status and create a larger-than-life personality for herself? And her homecoming from boarding school was extremely well publicized. Additionally, throughout her relationship with Dan in the first season, we witness Serena’s true color, as she tries to change throughout the relationship but cannot escape the world of the Upper East Side. Could she be the mastermind behind it all?

After the relationship with Dan, Serena is portrayed as trying to rebuild her status as Queen Bee: she resorts to meddling in Dan’s love life, reasserting her prominence as Queen Bee by tying a bandana around Blair’s neck, and embarrassing Dan in school. She befriends New York Socialite Poppy Lifton, and all of her actions seem to point in the direction of becoming better than her best friend Blair. She even tries to sabotage Blair from getting into her dream school, in which she succeeds. Could all of this plotting be a part of her plan to reassert herself into the Upper East Side as the one and only it-girl?


Blair: Or could the evil mastermind be Blair? She has the sass and the scheming abilities needed to pull off the role. She also seems to know about everything and has connections in all of the right places. Her loyal band of minions are willing to do anything she asks, which could add to her abilities and powers if she were Gossip Girl.

In season 2, the producers call Blair the queen at the center of the Gossip Girl chess game. Could this be a hint to us that Blair is the blogger? This seems unlikely, as we witness Blair suffering throughout season 2: she loses grasp of her dream school, tries to win over Chuck, and is constantly at battle with Serena for having everything handed to her. At the end of the season, she appears to be fulfilled and happy, now that she and Chuck are dating. She doesn’t appear to have alternative motives, but only time will tell.


Dan: Lets not count out the idea that Gossip Girl could be a boy. Dan is actually known to be a writer and it is possible that he could pull off this persona easily. He describes himself as an outsider, separated from the lifestyles of his classmates by location (residing in Brooklyn) and financial situation (as his family is tight on money).

One of the biggest arguments in favor of Dan being Gossip Girl is the nickname he is given by the blogging queen herself when the friend group graduates from high school. Gossip Girl refers to him as the “ultimate insider,” although he has spent his life as an outsider to the luxuries of the Upper East Side. Could this have been a hint?


Dorota: Dorota is the Waldorf’s maid and though she is not a main a character, she is in every episode and is an important figure in Blair’s life. I really don’t have much basis for thinking that Dorota could be Gossip Girl except for the fact that she is so closely woven into Blair’s life and schemes. Like Dan, she is an observer of the Upper East Side, which is essentially who Gossip Girl is. She snoops around the Waldorf residence and is somehow always brought in to the depths of Blair’s life. And after being treated so horribly, why wouldn’t Dorota want to backlash and sabotage the lives of privileged youths?


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