Welcome to our Gossip Girl website where you can find anything and everything there is to know about Seasons 1 and 2 of Gossip Girl! We are a group of five girls that attend Emory University and wanted to provide Gossip Girl viewers or newcomers with different perspectives of the show. For example, unlike other websites that just write about the characters (boring!), we wrote the character descriptions from their own perspective so that you learn about them as well as get a feel for their tone and how they normally gossip. Aside from that, we spiced things up a bit by providing you with plot summaries delivered directly from Gossip Girl herself! You can check out our tabs at the top of the page and click on links that you may find interesting… Although, I can assure you they all are!

Want to know where the Gossip Girl characters interact? Are you taking a trip to New york and would like to visit some famous places where Gossip Girl was shot at? Check out the map below and click on the icons to find out what’s there, where it’s located and which Gossip Girl characters were spotted at these places.

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